Coredump after Gnome upgrade

2018-04-06 av Sigurd Gartmann

Today, I upgraded to Gnome 3.28 as the last thing I did at work before heading home. I think this is the first time I got into upgrade problems, after several years of running from the Gnome Testing repository in Arch Linux.

  • I could not start Vim, Emacs, Atom or other programs as they failed with trying to use undefined symbols in Libc. For some reason I had some Glib packages installed from AUR, maybe because I tried installing Gtk-Webkit from there. This may have gotten me into this. Installing the corresponding Glib2 packages from the main repositories replaced these.
  • I could not log into Gnome. journal -xe pointed in the directions of Wayland, Glibc or Gdk-Pixbuf. In the Arch forums i found a solved issue where it helped to update the Pixbuf cache:
gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders --update-cache

After that, everything worked as expected (after learning that loginctl and especially loginctl show-session SESSION_ID -p Type can tell if you run on X or Wayland).

And: Yes, I have disabled the Gnome Testing repository and downgraded the packages that were newer in Testing (using yaourt -Su --downgrade), as I am no longer interested in this kind ow trouble at work. I also cleaned out some unused AUR packages. (Hint: Listing packages from AUR can be done with yaourt -Qm.)